Efficient: Save Time, Save Money, Look Top Notch

Even with both feet firmly planted in the information age, it’s pretty difficult to run a business efficiently without printed materials. Annual reports, training manuals, business cards, forms, invoices, labels, stickers, inventory sheets…

Whatever you need to make your business run efficiently, we can print it. While we’re at it, we’ll save you some time and money, and make you look like a superhero.

Did you know… For every $1 spent on print, an average of 8 additional dollars are spent on activities supporting the print. We think that’s ridiculous.

The problem is that for every print project there is a lot to do besides the actual printing: Find vendors and request quotes, educate vendors about your brand and project objectives, coordinate between multiple vendors, deal with print delays and the reprint costs when your order doesn’t turn out quite as you had hoped, etc., etc., etc. ….!

Your time is too valuable to be spent coordinating print projects. We think you should stop spending it there.

From the very first order, we keep careful details about our clients’ brand and order history. We know how their goals and success metrics fit into their long-term strategy. We keep an eye on their ordering trends and let them know when it makes financial and operational sense to change an existing order.

Print Pointe clients never waste money requesting bids and coordinating between several vendors to keep their print marketing projects on track. They simply tell us what they need to do and get back to the 1,000 high-value items on their to-do list.

Because, our bottom line is all about helping you increase yours. In fact, it’s the entire point.